About us

Established in June 2020 'Will and Bell Ltd' was created from our love of interiors & travel.

We often brought something back from our travels for our house to remind us of a certain destination & the culture that we had just experienced. We wanted to bring a piece of the big world into our own little world at home, hence our brand slogan 'Your World Made Beautiful'

(It's also contains the 'W' & 'B' from Will & Bell...clever huh!) 

We combine timeless & unique home décor inspired from across the globe. If we don't love it, we don't stock it.

We have carefully curated each collection to help you transform your living space. 


Having been asked by friends & family where to source beautiful homeware & help style their own homes, we decided to take the plunge and create our own online store as well as offering Interior design services through 'Will & Bell Studio'


Where did the name 'Will & Bell' come from you ask?

 Our two gorgeous dogs of course which we do everything for, Wilson & Bella. Our world. Our family.


Nathan Baxter